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Driving Home a Point with Devotions

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There is something so perfect about a devotion. Maybe it is because a verse is singled out, and focused on, which in turn gives insight into something so simple, but profound. Or maybe it's because the writing is short, but always incredibly sweet. Maybe it is because there is usually a personal application through the whole thing that makes it easy to relate to.

Whichever the reason, or all three, I'm honored to be in this devotional book that just came out a few weeks ago, called Faith and Family: A Devotional Pathway for Families.  Here is a picture I took of it yesterday when I got it in the mail.

Christian Devotions compiled this work. They are a fanstatic website that delivers a daily devotion, and keeps archives of them for one to peruse any time they want. They also have a radio program, many books, and several of the founders speak regularly at conferences, meetings and gatherings year-round. They are devoted to devotions!

Their slogan is: A devotion may be someone's only Bible. Isn't that so true and amazing at the same time? This little book is perfect for family devotion time, for new or older familes, small or large ones. Anyone can benefit from it, every day, with both the stories and verses -- even people without families of their own.
Because, really, we are all a part of the family of God.

Thank you Christian Devotions for your constant work towards making, editing, creating and propelling great devotions and ultimately, for driving us to the Source.


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