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So Very Thankful

So, here we are, it's that most wonderful time of the year. No, the OTHER most wonderful time: Thanksgiving. And everyone and their mom is writing what they are thankful for on Facebook.

Don't misread me. I'm not un-thankful, but I don't think I need to tell EVERYONE my thoughts. Which is oxymoronic considering I keep a blog and that part of my job as a writer IS to tell everyone my thoughts. But, in my defense, those are FICTIONAL thoughts. So there.

No, see, I don't need the month of November to thank God for everything. I should be doing this everyday, and believe me, when my kids get out the door to school, with their lunches, without breakfast on their sweet, noisy, faces, I am MOST thankful.

I've been trying to be more thankful in all things, in all situations, in every day that I've lived and will live this year. So, it's great others are telling me what they're thankful for, but come Dec 1st, are these same folks not thankful anymore? It sort of reeks hypocrisy. And I have dear friends who I know are thankful all the time, but is this writing merely a form of validation? That they're good people? More importantly, am I a bad person for not doing this?

I don't get it.

But I should stop. I'm not sounding very nice.

Here, how about this. My book is free the 22st and 23nd of NOW, this month, because seriously I am thankful for all the people out there buying it. You guys kept me high in the hills of the Amazon Rankings mountain for a month!

Eat turkey with your family, kiss your brother, hug your dog, and thank God we have so many freedoms, especially the freedom to love one another even if we're not that lovable. Kind of like me right now, not so lovable after that ranting over the thankful Facebook posts.

Isn't this the cutest? This little turkey ornament is
hanging from my chandelier.

I had no intentions of writing the post this way. I had other things to say. But, those will wait. I'm off to get a stack of "I'm sorry" note cards to send as an apology to my friends who are writing what they're thankful for on Facebook.

Seriously though, have a wonderful, thankful and blessed Thanksgiving Day.


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