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My Brain is in Napa

It's been a while since my last posting. Maybe because I'm way too busy.
But then, who isn't?

Even if my blogs have been infrequent, my writing hasn't. Although, while a quick jaunt to Napa Valley for a spa vacation with my sisters and mom doesn't count for actual writing this last weekend, I did get a few inspirations while a caky-clay mud was applied to my skin and then a facial --full with smells that would make even a flower garden want facials of their own--that piqued
my subconscious.

I'm home now, and coming back from vacation is never a good time to jump into the old. And yet, is there any other way? One has to pick up the old routine, and get into the swing of things in order to be what you were (and hopefully productive) before vacation made you a limp

Until next time.

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