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R is for Rebecca Ward Design

Okay, so this has NOTHING to do with writing. But, it does have to do with my family. My younger sister, Rebecca, is an interior designer. She has been in business for quite a few years already and is only a young pup herself. has incredibly reasonable rates, she is located in central California, and whether you need new lighting and paint for a single room -- or an entire house-- she can do it all. She's a member of ASID, worked years as an intern, received her degree in design, and now runs a business of her own.

My point: she's good at what she does because she studied and worked for it.

Kind of like the way good authors become published with reputable publishers when they study, write and do it until it's perfect, day in and day out, and even when the writer feels they're moving at a snails pace. She is that dedicated, as a designer.

Here's her fabulous blog. Here is her design website. She blogs quite regularly, and honestly, she should have done the blogging from A to Z. She always has awesome design tips. I'm not the only one out there who doesn't know how to properly match the drapes to the walls, choose the right sconces, or the perfect sofa for the living room.

But then ... that's why she's my interior designer.

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