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H is for Humility

I know what you're thinking. Humility and blogging don't go together.

You're right.

For the most part, especially bloggers who are authors --who's blog URL is their full name -- humility is NOT their middle name. (I'm guilty as charged).

So, in honor of "H is for humility," I'm not going to write about anything, especially nothing about me. Nope. Nothing. Except for these few words.

And even though my first name begins with the letter H, and I could write about that, instead I'm going to send you to another blog. Someone named DL Hammons who is one of the hosts of Blogging from A to Z.

His last name begins with the letter H. It's fitting. Besides, he has a great blog, great contests, great books and great posts. So head on over to his blog, Cruising Altitude 2.0 and tell him hello. Tell him I sent you over ... wait, no. Don't tell him that! That's not very humble at all. Just go over, visit and paruse his posts.

H is for Humility. Try some on for size today. Though it starts out "feeling" too tight, like shrunken cotton, it tends to loosen out over time ... so that eventually, it fits just right.

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