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The Heart of Writing

One of the last resolutions I talked about --in my first post of the year (click here)-- was to find a way to sit down and write a letter or note (amidst our busy life) by hand. A real letter. A real written letter.

As in, to write it: as in pen to paper sort of thing.

The idea is so vague and distorted now -- as if it were a dinosaur that we don’t want to reckon with anymore -- that we seem old-fashioned if we write something out, even a thank you note. But, if you really want to appreciate the art form of writing again, then that dino needs to remain alive and active and not extinct.

Because today is Valentine’s Day, let us briefly discuss this idea of actual writing. If you have a loved one, someone you cherish and are planning on celebrating Valentine’s day with (or even if you’re not and just wanting to wish them a happy day) then you better have actually written out that note.

Text messages and e-mails, in my humble opinion, don’t count.

Whip out a red or white piece of paper, get some stickers, or hey, go buy a card, and then sit down and write something sweet. It doesn’t need to be long, just nice, sincere and yes, heartfelt.

Now, wasn’t that nice? You just utilized a communication device of old: real hand-writing!

Happy Valentine’s day all my writing friends, and it’s not too late to get a card, write something fantastically simple, and make someone else think you are the most thoughtful and old-school cool (in the good, non-Dino kind of way) person in their life.

And I’m thinking that might just warm your heart a little bit too.

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