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Happy 2011

Wishing you a wonderful new year for all of you writers, readers and bloggers.
  • May your minds be full of creative, change-the-world-with-your-story- ideas.
  • May Carpel Tunnel Syndrome not set in until late, like after Thanksgiving, of this year.
  • May everything you write have that "just what the editor was looking for" quality.
  • May editing be your favorite --well, at least one of your favorites --hobby this year.
  • May reading "for fun" actually happen more than twice this year (and not while at the dentist).
  • May your new year resolutions have something to do with writing an actual letter by hand!
  • May your coffee (or tea) pot remain full, pressed in, running over and never-ending.
Now seriously, blessings and God's favor on your life this year.


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